This was a project I designed and built while at PJA in Boston. This was a game that I originally made up for fun with friends. It had the same rules, except I would simply upload an image to Facebook and have my friends guess. It caught on quite well, and people enjoyed it, so through our PJA labs program we built out a full fledged version of it that works as a web app. I lead the project and designed every asset for it. I couldn't have done it however, without the help of a writer and developer that put in a lot of time to bring this to life.

Super Category Winner for Best in Social Media & PR at 2015 BMA B2 Awards
First Place Out-of-home Campaign in 2015 Global BtoB ACE Awards
Third Place Social Media in 2015 Global BtoB ACE Awards
Finalist for Best Mobile Campaign and Nonprofit & Government Marketing in 2015 MITX Awards